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What if my Google Drive is full?
What if my Google Drive is full?
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Depending on your price plan, your Google Drive has a limited amount of cloud storage.

Therefore it is possible that your Google Drive has no cloud storage left, when we are trying to sync data to your Google Drive.

When your Google Drive is full, you have three options to fix this:

Upgrade your Google account

You can upgrade your Google Workspace account to have more cloud storage. You can find more info about the data storage options here.

Add more users

To add users who don’t have licenses yet, purchase more user licenses.

Free up space

The second option is to free up space by any of these methods:

  • Delete old emails from Gmail

  • Delete photos and videos in Google Photos

  • Remove documents from Google Drive

  • Empty trash

If your Google Drive is full, we will stop syncing data to your Google Drive folder. We do not automatically clean up your older files.

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