Access your backups

On the Backups page you can search through your data backups. On the left you will see a list of the available data types of the selected app. If a data type cannot be backed up through the public API of the app, then the data type will be greyed. 

In the table view you have the following options to search through your data:

  • Search: You can search for specific records that are shown in the table. 
  • Date: You can select previous dates to look up previous versions of your data backups. 
  • Active/Deleted: You can choose to filter on records that are active or deleted. If you want to recover deleted data, then we recommend to select “deleted” in this field.  
  • Selectors: Depending on the selected data type, these drop-down fields might change. 

On the results page you can do the following: 

  • Download all records to an Excel file
  • Open the related Google Sheet (if there is a sheet available)
  • Select records to restore back to your app
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