This article introduces basic terms, used in this help center and Pro Backup’s user interface.


Apps or platforms refer to the online software applications that Pro Backup integrates with. 


Integration refers to the connection between Pro Backup’s backup system and the cloud app. Visit the Integration section to which cloud apps Pro Backup has integrated with. 

Data types

Data types or data sources refer to the specific types of data of each cloud app. Whether a data type can be backed up depends on the API capabilities of the cloud app. Click on ‘Snapshots‘ in the sidebar or visit the Integration section to see which data types we back up for each cloud app. 

Tree structure

Most cloud apps structure their data according to a hierarchy. We call this hierarchy the tree structure. The tree structure of each cloud app will also be reflected in the folder structure in Google Drive. 


Account is an identity created for a user profile of a cloud app. It associates subscriptions and workspaces. Any subscriptions to Pro Backups products and all the payment information, including invoices, are related to a certain account and managed solely by the account admin.


Subscription is a fixed annual or monthly pricing plan selected and paid by the customer to use Pro Backups products. In total, Pro Backup 4 main price plans: Light, Plus, Pro & Complete.

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