Data Security

For a complete overview of our technical & organisational measures we refer to Appendix III of our Data Processing Addendum

In short, Pro Backup shall process all personal data in the strictest confidentiality and implement the appropriate technical and organisational measures as required by applicable regulations. 

  • All of our resources exist within a closed AWS VPC (virtual private cloud) which means that nothing is exposed directly to the outside world. 
  • The backed up data is stored in AWS S3 in a private bucket with encryption at rest. 
  • The metadata (e.g. IDs, tree structure, registered webhooks, google urls) are stored in AWS RDS (i.e. database). 
  • oAuth credentials are AES256 encrypted. 
  • The server logs do not contain user sensitive data, only IDs.
  • The data in transit is protected by industry-standard encryption, commonly referred to as TLS or SSL technology.


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