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How to use the Pro Backup app?

Once you’ve installed the Pro Backup app in your monday.com account, you can either use Pro Backup as a dashboard widget or as an integration.

Dashboard widget

The dashboard gives you a summary of the backup status of your monday.com account. It gives you quick access to Pro Backup’s features: Version History, Restore deleted data or Access your backup through Google Drive. 

To get started, open the dashboard where you want to add the Pro Backup widget. 

monday.com screenshot

The first time that you want to use Pro Backup, you will first need to create an account to start your initial backup. 

Once you have completed the onboarding flow, the backup status will be shown in the widget. 

Pro Backup widget


Open the board you want to connect with Pro Backup and select the Pro Backup app from the Integrations Center.

monday.com screenshot

Now select a recipe from the list. There is currently only one recipe to choose from but more recipes will be added soon: 

  • When this board is deleted, send exported items by mail to the backup owner. 
monday.com screenshot

After you select this recipe, you’ll be redirected to the website Pro Backup to create your Pro Backup account and to authorize the integration. Once you have created your account, you can go back to monday.com to add the integration. 

Note, if you’re already signed in to Pro Backup, simply click on the “Add to board” button to confirm the integration. 

monday.com screenshot
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