What does Pro Backup back up for Podio?

What we back up: The following data types are backed up:  Workspaces Apps App templates Items Comments  Files  Tasks Workflow...

What can Pro Backup restore for Podio?

Here’s an overview of the data types that Pro Backup can restore for Podio.  Read also What happens when I restore...

How to set up the backup for PWAs?

To set up the backup of your Podio Workflows Automations (formerly called Globiflow workflows), please follow these steps:  Install the...

PWA Connection successful

We were able to successfully access your PWA account. Within 24 hours from now, your PWA workflows will appear on your...

We could not access your PWA account

We could not access your PWA account. Please follow these steps to solve this:  Log out of Podio Workflow Automations...

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