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How to stop the sync to my Google Drive?
How to stop the sync to my Google Drive?
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To stop the sync of your data backups to your Google Drive:

  • Go to Settings > Google Drive

  • Click on Deconnect Account or switch off the toggle

In addition to this, you can also remove Pro Backup in the security settings in your Google account.

When you disable the sync to Google Drive, the following will happen:

  • We stop syncing your backed up data to your Google Drive;

  • We do not remove any of the existing data in your Google Drive;

  • We continue to back up your data to our own servers;

  • Your Pro Backup subscription stays active.

To enable the sync again, go to Settings > Google Drive and switch on the toggle.

If you reconnect Pro Backup to the Google Workspace account, we will create a new folder in your Google Drive. In this case, the attachments that were already synced, will not be synced again.

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