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Daily, automated backups
Daily, automated backups
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Pro Backup offers daily, automated backup of your account. Here’s what you need to know about how we back up your data:


We back up all of your data once every 24 hours. The backup usually starts in the evening based on your local time and can take up to a few hours.

Note: The backup frequency cannot be changed by the user.


The scheduling of the backup is fully automated and cannot be changed. This allows us to spread out the backup activities in the most optimal way across our user base.


Each backup cycle our backup engine will check which records have been added, edited and deleted and back up these changes.


Each backup cycle we take a snapshot of your data and save this is a separate version. This allows you to look up previous versions of each record, similar to Apple’s timebox.

Integrity checks

The backup engine applies a number of integrity checks to ensure that all records have been backed. We also schedule regular full backups and compare this with the data in our database.


We can only back up the data that the authorized users have access to. If you wish to backup more data, please update the backup scope or invite more users to your account.

Data types

Some data types are not made available in the API of the cloud app. This means that there are certain data types that we cannot backup or restore. On the Backups page you will see the list of data types that are in scope.

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