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How to backup multiple Notion workspaces
How to backup multiple Notion workspaces

add multiple notion workspaces into a single Pro Backup account

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When you add Notion as a backup to your Pro Backup account, you can only select one workspace in the setup wizard.

Even though that one Notion account can access multiple Notion workspaces, one Notion API connection can only contain one workspace. We thus need to create multiple connections to backup all workspace.

Pro Backup only allows one connection per Pro Backup user, so you need to add an invited user per extra Notion workspace. Go to your Pro Backup Notion Backup dashboard > Settings > Connected accounts.

As you possible only have one notion email address (e.g. [email protected])

You can use the following trick if you are using Google workspace, Office 365 or

  • invite [email protected] (note that "workspace2" can be whatever text you like)

  • you will receive all mails in [email protected] as everything after the + is discarded within these mailproviders and acts as a wildcard.

If you are using self hosted mail server, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo this wildcard trick does not work and you should use another top level email address like [email protected]

Once you invited a user to Pro Backup, go through the onboarding flow, and connect the different Notion workspace

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