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Why back up your SaaS apps?
Why back up your SaaS apps?
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SaaS apps do not take responsibility for protecting your data: They provide a disaster recovery plan for their platform, but they do not commit to protect your individual account. This means that when you lose data in your app, you are the only one who is responsible.

Unfortunately using a SaaS app to manage your work is not without risks: There are a number of ways of how you can lose critical info in your account. Here are four key threats that you should protect your team against.

4 reasons to back up your data

a) Human error

Deleted the wrong project? Changed the configuration of the wrong custom field? Accidental hiccups like this happen frequently and easily set you back by a few hours, if not days.

b) Glitches & down-time

Most SaaS apps have a decent track record when it comes to up-time, but it’s not without its hiccups. Even minor glitches or temporary down-time could do serious harm to your business.

c) Malicious users

From a disgruntled employee who wants to hurt the company to a lazy team member wanting to reduce their workload, employees may delete data on purpose.

d) Ransomware

It does not only happen to the big fish, hackers also target smaller businesses to remove and hold their data hostage in exchange for a ransom. 50% of businesses do not recover financially from paying this ransom.

How does Pro Backup protect your team?

✓ Daily, automated backups

We back up your boards, projects, files & meta-data & files once every 24 hours.

✓ Detailed versioning

Each day we create a new snapshot of your account which allows you to look up and compare previous versions for each data type.

✓ One-click restore

Recover and restore either entire boards or single items, files & comments.

✓ Military-grade data security

We apply the best-in-class encryption practices and are fully GDPR compliant.

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