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How to recover deleted data?
How to recover deleted data?
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When you have accidentally deleted the wrong set of data in your SaaS app, follow these steps:

Check the trash bin

First check if you can recover the data directly in the app. Most apps have some sort of trash or bin system that keeps the recently deleted items. If the item is available in the trash, we recommend restoring the data from there as this will provide the best data fidelity.

Restore from your backups

If the data is not available in the trash or bin, follow these steps:

  • Login to Pro Backup & select the right app

  • Go to Backups and click on the right data type in the left sidebar

  • Look up the right set of data (e.g. select “Tasks”, search for “Project X”)

  • For some data types you can select “Not active” in the search fields as this scope the search to deleted items. Else you can search on a word that occurred in the title.

  • If you want to restore a lot of records, you can increase the page size from 10 to 50.

    • Or if this was a data collection with displays "Showing a subset of records" in the top, you can click Action > Export, grab the relevant record IDSs from column A, then click "Restore" where you can paste the IDs (up to 5000 at once)

  • Select the relevant records in the table and click on Restore Copy

Tutorial: How to restore lost ClickUp tasks

Here's a video tutorial that showcases this for ClickUp tasks and lists.

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