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User Interface Basics
User Interface Basics
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The user interface is consists of four main section sections:


Summary gives you a quick overview of all relevant information:

  • Data types show you the number of active records for all data types that are backed up. If you click on a tile, you are redirected to the Backups page.

  • Status widgets summarize when the next backup will take place and if there are any warnings for your account.

  • Backup scope (if applicable) shows you the list of workspaces or teams that are currently in scope of the backup app.


Backups allows you to access your data backups and to restore data back to your app.

On the left you see all data types that are included in the backup scope. Click on the data type you would like to see and the table will automatically fetch records. Aboe the table you can change the search parameters, which can be different depending on the data types.

Within the table you have the option to:

  • Select and restore records back to your app.

  • Download the results to an Excel file.

  • Open the Google Sheet (if the Google Drive sync is enabled).

  • Delete items permanently from your account.

If you click on a record, a pop-up will be shown with all related info of that record. You have the option to browse through the different versions of that record and to create a copy of the selected version.


Reports gives you more information about the backup & restore processes.

  • The backup report gives you an overview of the current and past backup activities. If there are any errors or warnings related to your backup, you will see them here.

  • The restore report will show you a list of restore requests and their statuses.


Settings allow you to change the settings related to the backed up app. Please note that these settings are scoped to the selected app.

Connected accounts: Here you can invite users to your Pro Backup account. Each invite user needs to create a Pro Backup account and authorize Pro Backup. In the table you can choose to remove users, restrict their access and choose who receives a status email.

Backup Scope allows you to update the scope of your backups. This is usually managed on the top level of the app structure. For some apps (such as HubSpot) this option is not available as we back up the whole account.

Example: In Asana you can choose which workspaces are ex- or included.

If you have removed any items from your backup (via the Backups page), then these will be listed here.

Google Drive: Here you can enable or disable the sync of your data backups and files to your Google Drive.

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