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I cannot not find a specific record
I cannot not find a specific record
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It is possible that your deleted record, project or table will not show up on the result page. There are three possible reasons for this:

  • If you see the warning in the top "showing a subset of records due to browser memory limitations"

    • click the "actions > "export all"

    • in column A of the spreadsheet you see the unique identifier (ID) of the record

    • click the Restore button (next to actions) and fill in the ID(s) you wish to restore

  • If the record was recently deleted, then it might be that the deletion webhook was not yet communicated to Pro Backup. Depending on the cloud app, there can be a few minutes delay on this. In this case you can try to refresh in 10 minutes to see if the records appear.

  • If the record was created on the same day that it was deleted, then it is possible that this record was deleted before it was backed up. In this case we are not able to recover the deleted record.

  • If the record was deleted before you signed up to Pro Backup, then we cannot restore the record.

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