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How can I transfer a subscription to someone else?
How can I transfer a subscription to someone else?
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Even though you can invite multiple users to the same subscription, a subscription can only be managed by one admin. The admin has access to all billing details such as invoices, billing info and payment methods.

To transfer a subscription, you have three options

Option 1: Change the email the address of the admin

  • click your profile icon in the top right corner

  • click Account

  • click edit personal information

  • modify your email and click "save"

  • You'll receive a confirmation email on your OLD email to confirm the change

- Easy and quick to do.
- No need to onboard a new user


- The original email address cannot be used to login anymore.
- If you have multiple apps backed up, they all move, you can't cherry pick some apps to one account

Option 2: Transfer app per app

  • Click your profile icon in the top right corner

  • Go to Subscriptions and click on Transfer subscription:

  • Select which app/subscription you would like to transfer

  • Fill in the email of the new admin.

  • An email will be sent to the user to ask him to approve the transfer.

  • The transfer will only be completed once the user has approved this request and completed the process on his end.

Pros: The old email becomes an invited user and still has access to the backup

Cons: This process more steps steps.

Option 3: No access to the original email address

If you do not have access to the inbox of the original email address (so can't do a password reset to get into the Pro Backup dashboard, neither confirm the email change explained in option 1)

Create a support request via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. Add a recent bank statement including your Pro Backup subscription fee to proof your identity.

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