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Can I remove data from my backups?
Can I remove data from my backups?
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It is possible to remove certain records or data sets from the scope of your backup. This could be useful if you wish to lower your data usage or to exclude certain private projects from the backup scope.

To delete a record or a project, go to Backups, select the right data type in the left sidebar and use the drop-down fields to view the relevant record. Select the record and click on Actions > Permanently delete.

To confirm your action, type “permanently delete” and click on Submit.

Once you have deleted a record, it will be shown on the scope page. Go to Settings > Backup scope and click to open the blacklisted items.

Once you have flagged a record for removal of the backup scope, it is scheduled for deletion. It is possible to prevent deletion by clicking on the undo icon below Actions.

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