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Which price plan is best for me?
Which price plan is best for me?
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We offer 3-tier pricing model: Plus, Pro and Premium.

  • Plus: Offers you all essential features (daily backup, one-click restore, sync to Google Drive) and allows you to back up one SaaS app. Plus is ideal if you are using just one app is the main backbone of your organization or team.

  • Pro: If you are using multiple apps to manage your work, then Pro is a better candidate. This plan offers you a similar package, but with more data (50GB instead of 10GB) and no restriction on the number of apps that you are backing up. Pro serves is the ideal one-stop-shop for your data backups.

  • Premium: If you are storing more than 50GB of data in your SaaS apps, then Premium is the right plan for you. This plan adds some advanced features (such as audit log, virus scanner, etc) and its price scales with your data usage in big chunks of at least 250 GB.

Tip: Check out the comparison table on our Pricing page to get a full overview of the differences between these price plans. Which price plan is best for me?

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