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How can I test the restore process?

It is important to test the restore process so that you know what to do when accidentally lost or messed up some data.

The following approach is an easy & risk free way to test the restore process: 

  • Go to Backups and click on any data type on the left side bar
  • Select any version and search for a data set
  • Select one or multiple records and click on Restore
  • Go to the Restore report to see if the restore process is completed*
  • Open your cloud app and search for the restore items**
  • Compare them with the original items
  • Once reviewed & approved, delete the restored items to only keep the original records. 

*When you restore a lot of data, it can take a while before all data has been restored. 

**When you restore a board or project, a new board or project will be added with “restore” and the date in its name. For records you often can sort on creation date to find the newly created items. 

This way you don’t need to delete any data and it is easy to revert everything back to how your data was before. 

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