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What data can be restored for
What data can be restored for
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Here’s an overview of the data types that Pro Backup can restore for

  • Boards - When you restore a board, a new board will be added to the workspace. The following data will be restored: Items with their values, comments

Note: The following data types will not be restored: Files, views, automations, some custom field types: Button, dependencies, formulas, linked boards and mirrored fields, progress.

  • Items - When you restore an item, a duplicate of that item will be created in the related board. The following data will be restored: Item description, assignee & due date, custom fields & values, comments (i.e. updates will be restored, but not the activity log), files (except for files that are uploaded directly to the item)

Note: Subitems, relationship & mirros fields will not be restored.

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